Do You Have an Accredited Relocation Specialist in Your Team?

The Network’s online training programme – The Importance of Service – provides your business with an accredited Relocation Agent Specialist.

85 member companies have now taken part and 609 employees are currently working towards their accreditation. Hunters recently saw Gemma Allen and Bev Quirk become the company's dedicated Relocation Agent Specialists. [Pictured right with Managing Director, David Curwen].

Nominate Today in 4 Easy Steps
Sign up today to nominate a member of your team to become a Relocation Agent Specialist...

1. Log-in to the v5 website

2. Click the 'go to training' button, found in the middle of the page  

3. Scroll to the 'training details' section and commence the Importance of Service Training programme

Well done to Kristabel Cooper of Mansbridge Balment in Plymouth, who equalled the record for the fastest time to complete the training programme. At five days, she holds the record with Daniel Baines from Pygott & Crone.






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