Your Referral Network


Top Referrers
Have you made the Top 10 Referrer List?* 

1. Julie Stephens, Hunters
2. Ryan McGuinness, Pygott & Crone
3. Honor Sabga, Miles & Barr
4. Jamie Aspland, Pygott & Crone
5. Phoebe Booker, Webbers Property Services
6. Sarah Lambert, JR Hopper & Co
7. Daniel Baines, Pygott & Crone
8. James Rota, Richard James
9. Alex King, Pygott & crone
10. Dan Sanchez, Victorstone
*Correct at time of publication 

So far in the competition, the East Midlands region has earned the most referral tokens, with Thames Valley and the South East in second and third place.

Prize Draw Winners
Our Referral Prize Draw provides you with the opportunity to win a whole host of top prizes, including two national prizes of &5,000:

- Elizabeth Guy, JR Hopper
- Helen Whitter-Jones, Dawsons
- Conor McGinn, Victorstone
- Linda Gregory, Hunters
- Chris Bettison, Hawkins
- Karen Gosling, Colin Ellis

Remember if you have completed Phase 2 of our online referral training programme - The Importance of Customer Service - you can DOUBLE your prize from &500 to &1,000 worth of gift vouchers.*

Referral Success Story: Second Highest Earning in History!
Kelly Still of Lauristons [pictured right] in South West London, sent a referral last year that has become the second highest earning referral in the history of Relocation Agent Network with a referral fee of &5,301. Congratulations Kelly! 

If you require any further information about the Referral Prize Draw, please contact your Regional Development Manager. 







*To complete Phase 2, participants must have listened to all programme soundbites and attended our three online training sessions. The brand of store voucher will be chosen by each winner, providing the Relocation Agent Network team is able to purchase the vouchers requested.  

From 1 November 2015 to 31 October 2016, Relocation Agent Network a division of Cartus Limited (together known as “Cartus”) are administering the 2015-16 Referral Prize Draws on behalf of Relocation Agent Network’s Advisory Council. Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the homepage of Relocation Agent Network’s online application (version 5) as well as under Referral Prize Draws in the Members Area of the website. There will be two Final National Prizes of &5,000 and in addition, there will be 12 Monthly Prize Draws, each winning a &500 gift / store voucher. All monthly winners, who have completed phase 2 of Relocation Agent Network’s Training Programme, will see their monthly prize doubled to a &1,000 gift / store voucher. Cartus’ decision in all matters relating to the Prize Draws is final. Cartus accepts no liability for any misunderstanding regarding the 2015-16 Referral Prize Draw as a result of the contents contained under this communication.
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