Do You Have an Accredited Relocation Specialist in Your Team?

Providing your business with another unique selling point, sign up an employee to take part in our bespoke online training programme...

The Importance of Service 
The Network’s online training programme – The Importance of Service – provides your business with an accredited Relocation Agent Specialist. Today, we have 250 accredited Relocation Agent Specialists across the Network, with another 500 people currently progressing through the online training programme.

Nominate Today in 3 Easy Steps
If you’re not one of the 56 member companies who have an accredited Relocation Agent Specialist in your team, sign up today...

1. Log-in to the v5 website

2. You will see the Online Training section in the top right hand corner of the v5 homepage. 

3. Select your name and click the blue 'go to training' button

4. Scroll to the 'training details' section and commence the Importance of Service Training programme

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