2015 Awards


Best Agent Regional Award

The Changes

-Referral Performance Criteria. It’s no longer just about reaching that coveted top spot in your Referral League, but instead, making year on year improvements to your company's referral performance and the commitment made to our online referral training programme.

-Network Participation & Support. Do you attend our regional meetings, complete our monthly survey and actively promote your unique Network membership? All will go towards your final points score.

-Mystery Shopper. We will be conducting a mystery shopper exercise as part of the submission process. Taking place later in the year, our mystery shopper will really test your customer service skills and Local Expert status.

June’s Leading Contenders (so far)
Don't forget in June, we will announce the members from each region with the most award points. We stress that those members listed (our 'Leading Contenders'), will only be the leading agents so far in the competition, and we encourage members to continue to enter after this time. Watch out for our upcoming announcement to find out who's in the running so far!

Why Enter?
We encourage each of you to consider what a potential win will mean to your business:

-The sought-after title of ‘Best Agent in the Region’
-Each of the 16 winners will be in with a chance to win the coveted Agent of the Year accolade
-Photograph with celebrity Awards Dinner host for local promotion
-Winner’s press release
-Special award logo and lozenge

Newcomer of the Year *BRAND NEW FOR 2015*
If you joined Relocation Agent Network within 18 months of this year’s National Conference (Friday 13 November), then you have the opportunity to win the coveted title, Newcomer of the Year. Our Network Awards provide your business with great PR opportunities, so contact your Regional Development Manager for more details or download a submission form today:

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