Spectre is the most powerful prospecting tool available to estate agents. Available for both sales and lettings, Spectre automates the process of growing market share by prospecting properties currently on the market.

Over 55% of vendors will switch agents before successfully selling their property. These second instructions typically command a higher fee and sell faster.

Spectre gives you the best chance of winning these higher margin instructions. It allows you to automate the sending of customised and personal letters to these vendors/landlords at key moments, such as: length of time on market; price reductions; withdrawals; fall throughs; and upcoming tenancy renewals.

To date, Spectre has generated billions of pounds of instructions for clients, generating an average return on investment of over 3,000%.


Contact:   Joe Gaudoin   

Tel:   0161 464 5730

Email:  spectre@agentsoftware.net

Website:   https://spectre.uk.com