Very few (7%) instructions are won on the day - the vast majority (68%) convert during the following 30 days after an appointment.


It’s in this period, when a client is deciding which agent to instruct, that Acaboom

- Ensures your key messages are effectively communicated and are evidence based.

- Promotes the valuer/your agency as the local property expert by providing a full market overview to include comparables, historical prices and trends, and local sold property data analysis.

- Notifies you at the very moment a client is reviewing your offering, so you can time your follow-ups perfectly.

- Provides you with a report of changes in the market since the valuation date to enhance follow-up quality.


With Acaboom at your side, it will be helping to improve valuation-to-instruction conversion ratios and maintain fees. Obviously, the above points heavily contribute to this but it also helps deliver a consistent and structured approach to all your market appraisals.


Additional features include:

-Tracking of comparable properties used in the presentation - price/status changes plus new similar properties to market.

- Auto-sending of Market Update Reports to prospective clients.

- Analytical tracking of sent presentations – clicks and time spent viewing.

- Client insight reports – created using publicly available social media data.

- Apple and Android Apps for full screen off line presenting 



Contact: Brian Farrell

Tel: 0207 993 4427