Sprift Technologies Ltd

Since 2016 Sprift have been the market leaders for information on any UK Property.  


Borne out of a desire to reduce transaction times and fall-through rates, their wealth of property data makes home buying & selling quicker and easier.  Sprift do this by giving you access to the fully interactive Sprift dashboard, which presents key facts on any property instantly.  Saving you time on your property research, they include your chosen comparables from land-registry and multiple portals…and if that isn’t enough, they also provide live-market prospecting leads!


Within seconds, you can generate an instruction winning Market Appraisal Report or find the buyer faster with their Key Facts for Buyers, all fully branded for your agency.  Sprift’s reports can be printed or shared electronically with vendors, buyers, landlords, developers and your local market.  


Of particular interest to RAN members is their Property Search functionality, where you can assist anyone in their UK-wide property search by instantly providing them the Key Facts for Buyers on that property, whether it’s on your patch or not and on or off the market.  This is proving to be an invaluable instruction winning tool!

Sprift are continually evolving and improving based on valuable feedback from the agency community and very much look forward to working with you.  


For more information or any property data/tech needs you might have, please contact Amy Shields on07899 237114, email hello@sprift.com or visit their website www.sprift.com