“Hi, we're FocalAgent! We’re the largest provider of visual content and marketing support to the UK's vibrant real estate industry – from digital floorplans and professional photography, to video trailers and virtual tours. We’re more than just content producers; we’re supporting a community of creative professionals across the country, and matching estate agencies with innovative solutions to fulfil their business needs.


Perhaps you’re wondering how this could benefit you as an RAN member? Well, our expert Focalists provide marketing support for over 175,000 properties each year; this number is rapidly on the rise as our customers exceed their goals & win more business, and we’d love the RAN network to be part of that journey too!


So, if you’re interested in a partnership with FocalAgent (or just want to have a chat) then please get in touch with our Focalists, today. We look forward to working with you!”


Contact: James Best
Tel: 07391 866648