Giraffe360 offers market-leading visual content for agents, with a discount of up to 90% from the historic cost of property photography, floorplans and virtual tours / remote viewings.


With unrivalled quality in its combination of imagery and interactivity, Giraffe360 gives you and your clients the quality and consistency associated with a best-in-class agency - at a fraction of the price charged elsewhere for lower-quality photos and floorplans. By simply switching to Giraffe360, you can win more business and generate higher fees at the same time as making significant savings in your core operation.


Here are just some of the features of Giraffe360;

1. Low cost subscription pricing;

2. FREE cameras;

3. FREE unlimited hosting;

4. Fully automated 360 room photography, floor plans and virtual tours;

5. Professional editing.


Giraffe360 offers a plethora of benefits to agents that are looking to meet the demands of a challenging and competitive environment. The 360-degree cameras provide the highest resolution virtual tours and remote viewings on the planet, quickly and simply - allowing you and your teams to get on with the critical tasks; winning clients and selling and letting their properties.


To take advantage of this limited offer for RAN members, get a no-commitment demo today contact James Brown on  07584 354 632 or visit 
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