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Naomi Wilson, Miles & Barr

Gemma Allen, Hunters

Karen Rowell, Hilbery Chaplin

Gail Broom, Barbers

Jack Basson, Miles & Barr

Daniel Smith, Thomas Marsh

Martin Dear, Graham Butt


Double Your Money. Each of our monthly winners automatically receives &500 worth of gift vouchers, but did you know you could double your prize? If you've completed Phase 2 of our online referral training programme - The Importance of Customer Service, then you'll win &1,000 worth of store vouchers!*


Become a Relocation Agent Specialist Today
Nominate a member of your team to become an accredited Relocation Agent Specialist and start their training today. Log-in to v5  and access the Online Training section in the centre of the homepage to complete Phase 1 of the training. For more information, please contact Errol Dyer on +44 1793 756088.


Accredited Relocation Specialist
Earlier this year, we launched an annual assessment of Relocation Agent Specialists, whereby - at the start of each year - we assess the past year's achievements of every Relocation Agent Specialist in the Network. Those who continue to recognise the Importance of Customer Service will receive an annual certificate and press release.


Were you a 2017 certified Relocation Agent Specialist?

There are two tiers of assessment to receive an annual certificate:
Standard. Given to individuals who have continued to provide quality service to relocating customers, maintaining an acceptable standard over the previous 12 months, by sending 'qualifying' referrals to their Network colleagues.

Advanced. Awarded to the top 10% of individuals who have excelled and gone above and beyond in the relocation services that they provide to customers. This will be demonstrated by the fact that over the previous 12 months, the individual has helped a significant number of customers by sending ‘qualifying’ referrals to their Network colleagues.



*To complete Phase 2, participants must have listened to all programme soundbites and attended our three online training sessions. The brand of store voucher will be chosen by each winner, providing the Relocation Agent Network team is able to purchase the vouchers requested.  

From 1 November 2016 to 31 October 2017, Relocation Agent Network a division of Cartus Limited (together known as “Cartus”) are administering the 2016-17 Referral Prize Draws on behalf of Relocation Agent Network’s Advisory Council. Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the homepage of Relocation Agent Network’s online application (version 5) as well as under Referral Prize Draws in the Members Area of the website. There will a Final National Prize of &5,000 and in addition, there will be 12 Monthly Prize Draws, each winning a &500 gift / store voucher. All monthly winners, who have completed phase 2 of Relocation Agent Network’s Training Programme, will see their monthly prize doubled to a &1,000 gift / store voucher. Cartus’ decision in all matters relating to the Prize Draws is final. Cartus accepts no liability for any misunderstanding regarding the 2016-17 Referral Prize Draw as a result of the contents contained under this communication. 
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