Alex MacPhail

So, what is the difference between the top 10% of performers in your company and the remaining 90%? According to Alex MacPhail, the difference is not about technical skill or core ability, but rather mental attitude. A passionate and compelling speaker, the self-described “attitude and behavioural trainer” shares his unique knowledge and experience through energetic and amusing motivational presentations. His reputation is founded on high-level experience in business.

After spending a number of years in investment banking, he became one of the founder directors of a corporate development organisation, which has grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of peak performance coaching.

At the Conference... Alex will provide delegates with practical fast-acting techniques to help you understand your own motivations and build your own strategies for success. You will learn what is required to control the way you respond, not only to daily challenges, but to future opportunities. By the end of Alex's engaging and highly amusing session, delegates will have learnt how to create the energy to perform under pressure and adopt winning behaviour to inspire yourself and those around you.



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